Why I Decided to Read Women Authors only for 2014


I started keeping a book journal as a New Year’s Resolution in 2012. This was the seed of an idea that would eventually culminate in discovering Goodreads! After about a year and a half, somebody commented that I didn’t read many women authors. To which I replied, “Why, that’s ridiculous. I’m not sexist. After all, Ayn Rand is my favorite author!” However, going back to my handy journal confirmed it: I had read 38 books by male authors and a whopping 2 by female authors in the past 18 months.

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Victor A. Davis has always loved reading and writing short stories. He is an avid hiker and even when away from the world of laptops and wifi, keeps a pocket paperback and a handwritten journal to keep him company on trail. He is the author of two short story collections, Grains of Sand and The Gingerbread Collection. Join his Mailing List for special announcements about upcoming works.