The 100-Page Rule


I once came upon a Quora-type question (before Quora) that went something like: If I start reading a book and I’m not enjoying it, is it somehow wrong or disrespectful not to finish it? I think this is a common thought, especially for avid readers. Somehow when we pick up a book, we feel we’re making a subconscious promise to that book, or that author, or the person who lent or gave it to us, that we’ll read it. And reading it means finishing it.

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Victor A. Davis has always loved reading and writing short stories. He is an avid hiker and even when away from the world of laptops and wifi, keeps a pocket paperback and a handwritten journal to keep him company on trail. He is the author of two short story collections, Grains of Sand and The Gingerbread Collection. Join his Mailing List for special announcements about upcoming works.