Review: The Grey Forest


The Grey Forest
The Grey Forest by Maureen A. Griswold
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

These stories are exceptionally well written. The author has an effective voice. While I loved several of them for their originality, others were political stumps with straw man characters. She commits the unforgivable sin of breaking the fourth wall to comment on gun control, for example, after delivering her point much more subtly in a perfectly well-crafted story about a shooting. My favorite story by far was the opener, Nelson’s Mandala. (The play on words instantly grabs one’s attention.) It’s the story of a new age bookstore-owning heir whose billionaire father passes away, drawing press attention on his little shop. It does a good job of juggling many different themes and symbols, and ends perfectly, a quintessential example of a strong, modern short story.

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