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Myths to Live By
Myths to Live By by Joseph Campbell
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I liked this book, but I only really liked the chapters on Buddhism and science. I’m told this is his most accessible book. After reading (and failing to comprehend a lick of) The Hero With a Thousand Faces, I believe it. My problem is with the format. JC did not write this book, he delivered a series of disconnected lectures and later transcribed them here. It makes for disjointed reading. Not to mention there are several passages I can tell he delivered/wrote while nursing his fifth scotch. My favorite little phrase is the description of a kangaroo pouch as a “womb with a view.” Really? T-shirt idea!

Having said that, this subject matter is fascinating, and I know he is one of the masters of this form of thought and writing. I need to find the right teacher for exploring this world.

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