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London Tsunami & Other Stories
London Tsunami & Other Stories by Jaq Hazell
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Looks like I have the honor of writing the first review. This is an excellent collection by an excellent writer and I look forward to reading more of her stuff. I’ve been focusing a lot more on indies lately, with mixed results. I’ve found in London Tsunami exactly what I’ve been looking for, though: extremely talented contemporary short story authors, the modern, living, active writers with the very real potential of joining the greats.

The best story in the collection was the first, Legend. I read it just before bed, and it absolutely stunned me. It reminded me of Antaeus and a handful of “classic” short stories in the vein of Ray Bradbury or Literary Cavalcade. Children decide to do something adventurous, daring, or naughty, get carried away, and a looming sense of foreboding swoops down ominously to confront them. There’s something about that classic Daedalus & Icarus symbology that’s extremely unnerving and fascinating, and I believe the short story is its natural home.

I also enjoyed Under the Flight Path, Stuff, and London Tsunami. The running theme in the book, if there is any, is a quiet sense of despair or bitterness, the feeling of treading water at the end of your strength, watching the world around you begin to come apart at the seams. While there are lots of stories in this collection, many of them too short, I appreciate the author’s artistic voice, and her ability to see the dramatic emotional turmoil of ordinary everyday life.

* I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. *

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