Review: Branding of a Heretic


Branding of a Heretic Branding of a Heretic by Kal S. Davian
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I liked this story more than I expected. Although I knew it was fantasy, I read through the first couple of pages and liked the draw of the prose. Yes, characters have wings and tails and furry ears and the story is set in a made up, fantastical world. However, it is a very human story that stays true to the plot. The plot itself is a simple retelling of Galileo’s downfall. The heroine makes a groundbreaking discovery, excitedly shops it around to her fellow scholars, challenges the powers that be to consider its legitimacy, and is ultimately (hope I’m not giving anything away here) branded a heretic. Having said that, I’m afraid I can’t very well praise its originality, but nonetheless, the author kept the story on point and re-delivered that simple, all too human lesson: that power is an enemy of truth.

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