New Stories

The Gingerbread Collection
Since publishing Grains of Sand in 2009, I have written the original short stories below. They have always been available for individual download in digital form. As of April 28th, 2016, they are now available in both ebook and paperback form as The Gingerbread Collection. Join my Mailing List to keep up with my future work. Happy reading!

~Victor A. Davis

Monster and Me

April 2009


 July 2009


 November 2009

The Bargain

March 2010

A Night at the Lake

 December 2011


 December 2012


 August 2013


 November 2014

June 2015

The Flying Kite

August 2015

Courthouse Wedding

November 2015

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All downloads will be delivered as three separate files: A .MOBI file for your Kindle, a .EPUB file for your Nook/Apple/Sony device, and a .PDF, for reading on your computer.