Review: The Shell Collector


The Shell Collector
The Shell Collector by Anthony Doerr

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What an amazing experience! While on vacation, I ducked into a used book store and somehow this little gem stood out for me. I picked it up for two dollars and cracked it open. The first two stories, The Shell Collector and The Hunter’s Wife blew me away. I Googled the author (on April 23rd to be precise) and found out that Anthony Doerr┬áhad won a Pulitzer price for another work ( All the Light We Cannot See) only two days before. I was floored! I finished the book, delighting in the remaining stories, and went straight to the library to check out his other works. This debut collection will haunt me for a long time. They drip of lush travel experience, despite going far deeper than mere travel journals. I am so happy to have discovered this author and look forward to reading his more recent works!